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International Forum on Ageless Society

Intercon joins forces with the StanShih Foundation:

安益集團茵康國際會議 與 智榮基金會 攜手,

Stan Shih, the founder of StanShih Foundation, and the chairman of Interplan Group, Michael Tu share this common idea. Hence, they join hands with each other to hold the “International Forum on Ageless Society.”

The forum will be held on October 31, the opening day of the Elder Care Asia 2019 exhibition, the only senior age show in Taiwan. Combining the insights into the needs of the middle-aged and seniors accumulated by the StanShih Foundation, the goal is to activate the entrepreneurial productivity of the youth for the vitality and benefit of elders. Intercon Convention Management Co. Ltd., Interplan’s PCO/PEO branch, has accumulated rich experience in this field by having holding Elder Care Asia for the last five years. Now Intercon joins forces with the StanShih Foundation to share trends and experience for the benefit of the age-free world of South Taiwan, providing a new vision of age-free life!

More information please contact: admin.eca@intercon.com.tw 

Early bird price is available until 2019/10/20.




早鳥票只到 2019年10月20日

International Forum on Ageless Society


Date: 10. 31 Thu. 10:00-17:00 

時間:10/31(四) 10:00-17:00 

Venue: Room 304a, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center 

地點:高雄展覽館 304a會議室 

Seats: approximately 300 seats 


Agenda: (The agenda below is tentative. The organizer reserves the right to make changes.)






Opening Ceremony


Keynote Speech 1:  The Blueprint of Super-Aged Society: Crossover Innovation & Slashies
專題演講一: 超高齡社會無齡藍圖: 跨域創新與斜槓人才

Liang-Kung Chen, Chairman of Taipei Veterans General Hospital Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology/Board Director of Asian Association for Frailty and Sarcopenia/Founder of AWGS

陳亮恭 臺北榮民總醫院高齡醫學中心主任/亞洲衰弱症與肌少症學會理事長暨AWGS創辦人


Aged Friendly Environment: The Past and Future of Japan
專題演講 二:建構高齡友善社會:日本的現在與未來

Director of NCGG, Hidenori Arai

荒井秀典 日本國立長壽醫療研究中心 理事長


Elder Finance 

Lee Jih Chu, Vice Chairman of Shin Kong Financial Holdings

李紀珠 新光金控副董事長


Happiness wheel running hand 

Huang Yan Jhong, Senior Manager of Yulon Group

黃延鐘 裕隆集團總管理處 商企系統資深經理


Creating an elder friendly and caring society

Li Linyi, Deputy Director, Social and Family Affairs Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare

李臨鳯 衛生福利部社會及家庭署 副署長


Heart-to-heart, using technology to break down the boundaries of generations for elders


Maverick Shih, Acer Inc. Director
施宣輝 宏碁股份有限公司  董事


Elders & Youth’s Ageless LOHAS

Tsui Tsai-Shan, Investigator of Invisible Salt X Touchable Fields

延·鹽計畫 崔綵珊主持人


Closing speech: Responsibility of Living an Ageless Life

Closing speech: To steady the midlife and restart life

Lecturer 講師介紹

Liang-Kung Chen

National Yangming University / Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Professor and Director of the Center for Advanced and Health Research / Director of the Senior Medical Center




He is the professor and director of the Center for Advanced Age and Health Research at Yangming University, and has been investing in the latest research in the field of advanced medicine and carding. Under the age of 40, he became the editor-in-chief of international medical journals. He is one of the few aging and advanced medical research scholars in the world. He has published more than 300 academic papers, leading the research in Taiwan's advanced academic field to become a leading international group, and is also second to none. The senior medical authority physician has repeatedly served as the representative of the WHO Senior Conference on Deterioration and Dementia Prevention. He led the Taipei Senior Citizens Medical Center to be certified by the World Geriatrics Association as the "World Center for Advanced Research and Development Excellence" and is the only selected unit in Asia.



Director of NCGG, Hidenori Arai


日本國立長壽醫療研究中心 理事長

Dr. Arai Hideki has been the Chairman of the Center for Gerontology and Gerontology (NCGG) of Japan since 2019. He is also the president of the Japanese Society of Gerontology, the vice president and chairman of the Japanese Geriatrics Society. Vice President of the Japanese Society for Muscle Reduction and Mental Retardation and the Japan Atherosclerosis Association. After graduating from Kyoto University Medical School in 1984 and graduating from the Kyoto University Medical Research Institute in 1991, Dr. Arai spent most of his time in the Department of Geriatrics at Kyoto University.

He then became a professor of the Department of Human Health Sciences at Kyoto University School of Medicine in 2009. Since then, he has been working on geriatrics, especially weakness and sarcopenia.

After working in the Department of Human Health Sciences at Kyoto University School of Medicine, he moved to NCGG as Deputy Director in 2015. He became the director of NCGG in 2018 and has been the chairman of NCGG.



Lee, Jih-Chu

Shih Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman


新光金控 副董事長

Dr. Li is currently the vice chairman of Shih Kong Life Insurance Co. and Yuanfu Securities. Prior to this, she was the chairman of Taiwan Financial Control and Bank of Taiwan, and served as the chairman of the Republic of China Banking Association. Dr. Li has experienced production, official and academic circles. She has served as a professor of economics at the National Chengchi University, a visiting scholar at Harvard University and Stanford University, and a member of the International Advisory Committee of the City University of Hong Kong Business School. She has also served as the deputy director of the Financial Supervision and Management Commission of the Executive Yuan, the chairman of the Executive Committee and the legislative committee.

Dr. Li was awarded the National University of Political Science Distinguished Research Professor Award, the World's Top Ten Outstanding Youth Award, Taiwan's first female Eisenhower Award, the US Fulbright Award, Taiwan's Top Ten Outstanding Youth Award, Li Guoding Medal and Executive Yuan she has been awarded many honors such as the Merit Medal and has been evaluated as the first member of the Legislative Yuan Finance and Law Committee. While leading the Bank of Taiwan, Harvard University was hailed as a key figure in flipping Taiwanese banks, and its business results were written as a case of Harvard Business School.

Dr. Li is also very concerned about social services. She served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taiwan Yushan Science and Technology Association, Chairman of the Taiwan Bank Association, Chairman of Taiwan Fulbright Alumni Association (Fulbright), President of the Ten Outstanding Youth Association, Vice President of the Harvard Alumni Association, and Youth. Honorary Vice President of the Association of Entrepreneurship Associations, Director of the Straits Exchange Foundation, Executive Director of the National Commercial Association of the Republic of China, Standing Supervisor of the Cross-Strait Entrepreneur Summit and Deputy Convener of the Financial Group, Director of the China Third Republic of China, and the World Economic Forum (WEF) New Economic Leader, Fulbright Prize, National Quality Award of the Executive Yuan, National Rock Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and selection of a number of important awards at home and abroad.



李博士亦十分關心社會服務,曾擔任臺灣玉山科技協會理事長、臺灣銀行公會理事長、臺灣傅爾布萊特學友會(Fulbright)理事長、十大傑出青年協會會長、哈佛校友會副會長、青年創業協會總會榮譽副總會長、海峽交流基金會董事、中華民國全國商業總會常務理事、兩岸企業家峰會常務監事及金融組副召集人、中華民國三三企業交流會理事,以及世界經濟論壇(WEF)新經濟領袖、傅爾布萊特獎(Fulbright Prize)、行政院國家品質獎、經濟部國家磐石獎以及國內外多項重要獎項之決選委員等。

Li Linyi, Deputy Director, Social and Family Affairs Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare


衛生福利部社會及家庭署 副署長

Master of Science, Institute of Sociology, Taiwan University The Social Work Group of the Department of Socialism of ZTE University (now reformed to the Department of Social Work of Taipei University), formerly the head of the Immigration Affairs Section of the Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior. The head of the immigration affairs team of the Ministry of the Interior and the Immigration Department and the captain of the containment brigade, the head of the Ministry of the Interior and the Immigration Department, the head of the country affairs team and the head of the service affairs brigade, and the head of the social affairs department of the Ministry of the Interior.



內政部入出國及移民署移民事務組組長兼收容事務大隊大隊長、內政部入出國及移民署入出國事務組組長兼服務事務大隊大隊長、內政部社會司 科長

Tsui Tsai-Shan

Investigator of Invisible Salt X Touchable Fields


延‧鹽計畫 主持人

Tsui Tsai-Shan, graduated from the Institute of Higher Education, was born in 1982. She has a quarter of Ami Aboriginal blood, and she is also an art journalist. The works are good at taking natural sounds, dialogues, music and stories from the surrounding environment into creative elements, and often exhibiting works such as behavior, music, dance, or singing. The main creative medium is red yarn. In addition to symbolizing the relationship between people, it also has the meaning of cutting space and time. It was invited by the German Ponderosa Art Village to serve as a body development teacher, and on behalf of Taiwan was invited to participate in Tunisia. West Asia "Tunis International Women's Art Festival" performance. Last year, she was awarded the "Inclusive Art" subsidy by the National Arts Association. she implemented the "Invisible Salt X Touchable Fields" Xinli and the Yancheng community exchange creation plan, which will continue this year and next year.


Maverick Shih, Acer Inc. Director
施宣輝 宏碁股份有限公司  董事

Maverick Shih is a motor doctor of the University of Southern California, and served as the chairman of Zhihui R&D Co., Ltd. and the general manager of Acer's self-built cloud smart products business group. He is currently the director of Acer, the general manager of SmartFinance, the chairman of Acer Cyber Security Inc., and the chairman of Acer Synergy Tech Corp..

施宣輝(Maverick Shih),美國南加州大學電機博士,曾任智輝研發公司董事長、宏碁公司自建雲智慧產品事業群總經理,現任宏碁董事、智融集團總經理、安碁資訊董事長、智聯服務董事長。

Huang Yan Jhong, Senior Manager of Yulon Group


裕隆集團總管理處  商企系統資深經理

Over 30 years ago, with the blood and the mission of installing his own wheels for the Republic of China, he joined the Yulon Group to create the dream of a national brand. He participated in almost all developments from the impala to the current Luxgen. It has also experienced engineering design, marketing, consumer research, product planning and other departments, and continues to work hard to develop good cars on the road of developing independent brands.


Cai Jhih Hao, Former Chief Research Officer of Stans Foundation Chinese Consumer Center


智榮基金會龍吟研論 前特聘研究總監

Cognitive scientist, author of "Taiwan 2.0" blog. Committed to transforming cross-disciplinary knowledge into design power to bring people a better life. Actively advocate that the middle-aged and elderly people between the ages of 45 and 65 should seize the opportunity to restart their lives and prepare for successful aging. In particular, exercise should strengthen physical fitness, self-efficacy and social support. He used to be an assistant professor of psychology at Kaohsiung Medical University and a research director at the StanShih Foundation. He is currently a director of the Taiwan User Experience Design Association, a standing supervisor of the Taiwan Applied Psychology Association, and a director of digital innovation strategy.

認知科學家,《Taiwan 2.0》部落格作者。致力於將跨領域的基礎知識轉化為設計力量,為人們帶來更好的生活。積極倡議四十五到六十五歲的中高齡族群應該把握機會重新啟動人生,為成功老化作好準備。尤其應該藉由運動強化自身的體適能、自我效能與社會支持。曾任高雄醫學大學心理學系助理教授,智榮基金會龍吟研論研究總監。現任台灣使用者經驗設計協會理事,台灣應用心理學會常務監事,悠識數位創新策略總監。