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Elder Care Asia

  • Kaohsiung Exhibition Center(No.39, Chenggong 2nd Road, Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung 806, Taiwan, ROC)

Elder Care Asia
Active Life, Healthy Life.

2019 Benefits

  • Countries 6
  • Booths 215
  • Professional buyers 817
  • Visitor crowd 30,583

As life expectancy increases, so does the burden on society to be able to afford and care from seniors. In Asia, the burden falls on the family, then on pension funds, governments and on society as a whole. The ideal solution is to make sure that seniors are healthy and can take care of themselves. And continue to contribute to society, not absorb resources. Elder Care Asia is the main show in Taiwan addressing this pressing issue.

4 full days packed with activities and performances for seniors to bring enjoyment to all. Bring your families and enjoy a multigenerational fun time as well as get introduced to hundreds of products and services that can bring you independence in the third age.

For all related businesses looking to open up new channels of distribution for their services, to increase awareness, to test acceptance from an inquisitive audience, ECA is where you should be.

ECA 2020 is widely supported by all major associations in the healthcare, fitness, elder care area from across Taiwan at a local and national level.

Elder-Friendly Housing

Home life support for all ages, intergenerational housing, independent self-support care, access design, home care, smart appliances, remote home / community medical care system, elder care IOT smart house, AI intelligent care, intelligent environment control system.

Health Promotion

Medical rehabilitation, physical activity, muscle training, far infrared therapy, main frequency/electrotherapy, vibration and health equipment, nerve pulse instrument, inverted machine, regenerative medicine, preventive medicine, genetic test.

Sleep Tech

Sleep aids, respiratory therapy, memory pillows, memory mattresses, brain wave detection, sleep guidance, relaxation techniques, sleep aid eye masks, breathing belt.

Health Food Appliances

Vitamins, minerals, fish oil, calcium, glucosamine, probiotics, lutein, enzymes, chicken essence, health herbal products, functional teas, organic foods, functional drinks, healthy kitchenware, gas fryers, health conditioners.

Elder Happy Life

Beauty care products, organic fragrances, arts, music, yoga, sports, silver light slow-access barrier-free tourism, community college education / continuing studies, retirement finance, home pension, insurance.

Dementia Area

Dementia screening, functional therapy, board games, cognitive stimulation therapy, music therapy, sensory therapy, animal therapy, horticultural therapy, location devices, dementia care assistive devices.

Life Aids

Visual aids, communication aids, rehabilitation aids, electric scooters, welfare vehicles, ramps, lifts, handrails, special tableware, VAR technology rehabilitation equipment.

Epidemic Prevention

Coronavirus Prevention achievement display, medical masks, sanitizer, personal protective equipment (PPE), forehead thermometer, thermographic camera, infrared sensor. Also Ministry of Health and Welfare, hospitals.


Show Hours:

  • Kaohsiung Exhibition Center