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Elder Care Asia

2019. 10. 31 - 2019. 11.03​

首屆國際無齡論壇 2019.10.31 高雄登場

First International Ageless Forum makes its Kaohsiung debut on 2019/10/31

Nowadays, super-aged society has not only existed in theories but in real life. 
To encourage industries to stay ahead of market trends and to commit to longevity economy, aging is an essential lesson for every one of them to learn.
Stan Shih, the founder of StanShih Foundation, and the chairman of Interplan Group, Michael Tu share this common idea. Hence, they join hands with each other to hold the “1st International Ageless Forum.”

無齡⽣活館 Ageless Life Pavilion



Many artists X Enterprises work together to show the concept of agelessness.

The Ageless Life Pavilion will have five major enterprises and cross-overartists to develop an art collaboration with the theme of “Seeking・Ageless”, and present a soul concerto for ageless generations. Let the three parts of body, mind and spirit blend together with "visual art" and "behavioral performance art".


Bringing hundreds of senior citizens together to join the Elder Calisthenics. WORLD GYM Leads You to Exercise Together.

臺灣首發!2019.10.31 當天,於 KEC 高雄展覽館,將有60歲以上長者共百位齊做樂齡健康操!
First time in Taiwan! On 2019/10/31, over 100 elderly people who are aged over 
60 will do the Elder Calisthenics together at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center!

2019 跨國合作,舉辦睡眠科技產業論壇

​In 2019, Asia Sleep Technology Industry Forum will be held with cross-border cooperation. ​

The second quarterly meeting of the Sleep Medicine Committee of the Taiwan Sleep Medicine Society arranged three keynote speeches, including introduction to sleep medicine, introduction to sleep technology, and case sharing with certified vendors. Welcome all the sleep experts and industry leaders were invited to join in the exchange.

高齡福祉科技的研發應用 研習課程
Senior Welfare Technology Research and Application

結合產、官、學專業人士,探討醫療照護與科技產業的跨領域合作,共同分享高齡福祉科技! 帶您了解如何面對與處理長者健康與照顧需求。
Combine industry, official and academic professionals to explore cross-disciplinary cooperation in medical care and technology industries, and share the benefits of Senior Health and Welfare Technology! Take you to understand how to face and deal with the health and care needs of the elderly.


Dementia Charitable Event

An aged friendly environment is essential for a society.
Forgetting, repetitive acts, and mistaking someone for someone else are common symptoms of dementia. Being sympathetic to them is a good way to help them get through the suffering. This year, there will be 20 charitable events for dementia, including music therapy, horticultural therapy, animal-assisted therapy, occupational therapy. Let us pay more attention on dementia care.


Connecting Elders and Youth-- Active Aging Communication Center

Taiwan has become a society of advanced age. At the end of March in 2019, 
people aged 65 or above has accounted for more than 14 percent of the 
population. Corresponded with Long-term Care Policy, “Active Aging 
Communication Center” is established to put more resources into elder 


台灣睡眠醫學學會 Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine


Sleep Technology Industry Forum


We invite the board directors of Chinese Sleep Research Society, The Hong Kong Society of Sleep Medicine, and Korean Sleep Research Society to introduce product certifications of sleep technology and market trends in different Asian countries.

▍產品展示  Product display


Sleep technology exhibitors are able to introduce commodities to experts from different countries to develop overseas markets.

樂齡健康操 Elder Calisthenics

募集百位長者 WORLDGYM帶您動次動

Bringing hundreds of senior citizens together WORLD GYM Leads You to Exercise Together.


Promote the idea of healthy city with officials and convene 666 local elder people to do Elder Calisthenics, challenging Guinness World Records.


    Dates: 2019.10.31


    Venue: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

▍活動對象 TA:60歲以上長者 

    TA: Senior citizens aged over 60




The only platform for full senior living in Taiwan. Connecting Elders and Youth. Bringing us together.



The aging of the population is a common issue facing the world. As the world grows older, the demand for medical, health care, security, home care, life aids, rehabilitation equipment, technology wisdom, and telemedicine is increasing. The silver hair industry will be the next wave of the most eye-catching emerging industries. Asia Ageing Smart Life Exhibition and you are welcoming the ageing wisdom life, the key to the future 10 years, grasp the business opportunity is now!

Health Promotion



Medical rehabilitation, Physical activity, Muscle training, Far infrared therapy, Main frequency/ Electrotherapy, Vibration and health equipment, Nerve pulse instrument, Inverted machine, Regenerative medicine, Preventive medicine, Genetic test, Natural medicine


Assistive Devices




Home handrails, Anti-skid devices, Mobility and transport devices, Visual aids, Assistive devices for communication, Assistive devices for rehabilitation, Slope board, Welfare car, Moving equipment, Special tableware, Assistive chair, Bath bed, Home care bed, Alternating pressure air mattress system, Dementia care aids, Accessories rental, Dementia anti-loss device

Senior Care & Living


Long-term care 2.0 service, Age-friendly architectural and interior design, Healthcare service platform, Distance homecare/ community care system, Telemedicine and e-Health, Smart house, Smart housekeeper, Smart appliances, Smart environment control system, Security system

Sleep Technology


Sleep aids, Respiratory therapy, Smart alarm, Memory pillow, Memory mattress, Smart bed/pillow, Headphone, Bedroom lighting, White noise, Brain wave detection, Sleep guidance, Relaxation tips, Sleep eye patch, Breathing bands

Healthy Eating


Health Supplements, Nutritional Supplements, Organic Products, Green Foods, Functional Foods, Health Conditioning Equipment, Hydrogen water, Sparkling Water, Nutrition Machines

Active Aging




Woman clothing & shoes, Men clothing & shoes, Functional clothing, Hair dyeing products, Wigs, Organic care products, Medical & beauty courses, Organic fragrance /ethereal oil/soap, Elder entrepreneurship courses, Exercise programs, Aerobic dance, Yoga courses, Slow travel, Charitable event, Beauty products



“Thanks for Intercon’s effort. We were invited by the first-rate exhibition organizer to join the event held in top-notch KEC. I believe ECA show will be better next year. Keep it up!”

福樂多董事長 蔡錦墩
The chairman of FUROTO, Cai Jin Dun